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Research committee
«Sociology of Childhood»
Russian Society of Sociologists

The major goal of this committee is the consolidation of Russian researchers and promotion of the effective development of actual problems in the field of sociology of childhood.

The main objectives are:

  • Discussion of scientific papers, mutual reviewing and consulting younger colleagues;
  • Collecting information on research projects of children and adolescents, creating a data bank of Russian and foreign studies;
  • Promote the issues of theory, methodology and methods of sociological study of childhood to programs of the sociological of education;
  • Coordination of research on the current priority scientific themes within the overall perspective of the Committee;
  • Hold competition of works (diploma or dissertation of master) made in the field of sociology of childhood, as well as of related disciplines - pedagogy, psychology, social work, etc.
  • Informing members of RC about scientific events on issues;
  • Organization of the interchange copyright print and electronic publications;
  • Development of scientific relations and cooperation with foreign counterparts, with RC № 53 "Sociology of Childhood" of International Sociological Association;
  • Promoting the use of research results of committee members in public, governmental and commercial organizations” for children practices;
  • Virtual contact confederate people on the site "Sociology of Childhood"(http://ik.childsoc.ru/)
Management of the committee includes representatives of various disciplines that are closely related to each other and with the study of actual problems of contemporary childhood.

Thus, the presence of specialists from different fields of knowledge allows the Committee to implement comprehensive study of contemporary problems of sociology of childhood and the planning and coordination of scientific sociology and interdisciplinary studies of childhood in Russia and CIS.

Russian research committee «Sociology of childhood» implement in 2016 the realization of special project of generalization of the results of different case studies (sociological, psychological, pedagogical, legal, cultural, economic and statistical etc) and creation on their basis universal Thesaurus, oriented on officials and experts in practical work with children.

The major goal of the project is to convey update knowledge about modern childhood, forecasting capabilities and planned changes in various forms (print, virtual, educational, activity). The project involves deeper scientific description and application guidelines about new phenomena for Russian reality: quasichildhood, glamorization of children, practice of early education "from the cradle", divergence (separation) of the educational vectors in different layers, the contradictions of the systems of social protection and social punishment in childhood, rejection of inclusion and others.

Thesaurus understood as the accumulation of data through the compilation and systematization of
knowledge of different socio-humanitarian sciences, as well as co-construction of orientations for society actors in general image of the object of social reality. Thesauruses any sciences are incomplete in relation to childhood. Fragmentation/unity, consistency/inconsistency, indoor/outdoor knowledges about childhood depend on many features of science development, established structures, levels of knowledge within them. Modern sociology of childhood absorbs the existing methodological approaches and methodological developments in an effort to understand the new phenomena of the world of childhood.

In 2016 was created special website http://www.childhoodstudy.ru/ to assist the project «Childhood in the socio-humanitarian perspective: Thesaurus».


In English:

  • Mayorova-Scheglova, S., Kolosova, E. (2016). Childhood in the Socio-Humanitarian Perspective:a Multidisciplinary Thesaurus. In The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World. View from Russia [Electronic resource]: collected papers.

The 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology «The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World». Moscow: RSS, pp: 187-188.URL:http://www.ssa-rss.ru/files/File/PublikaciiROS/TheFuturesWeWantGlobalSociologyAndTheStrugglesForA Better WorldViewFromRussia.pdf

In Russian and English:


Committee Chairman:
Mayorova-Scheglova Svetlana
Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor of Russian State University for the Humanities
Vice Chairs:
Kolosova Elena
PhD of Sociology, Lecturer of Russian State University for the Humanities, Head of Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy of children's reading department in Russian State Children’s Library
Scientific Secretary:
Gubanova Alexandra
PhD of Sociology, Researcher at Department of Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy of children's reading department in Russian State Children’s Library
Contacts: 117218 Moscow, Krzhizhanovskogo str., d.24/35, Building 5, room. 503
Phone: +7-499-128-69-01
E-mail: ik@childsoc.ru, detikonf2011@gmail.com
Website: http://ik.childsoc.ru